As baby grows, mom’s posture starts to change.  Her center of gravity starts to shift forward, and the low back curve increases due to the increasing size of the belly. The shoulders start to slump forward and the head comes forward due to the breasts getting larger. All of these postural changes can cause mom to have pain in the low back, upper back, and the neck.  Chiropractic care helps to support the body through all of these changes, and helps to correct posture so that mom can feel her best. 

It has also been shown that women who have undergone chiropractic care while pregnant, have a shorter and easier labor and delivery.  Through chiropractic care, the nervous system function improves, and the better has better communication with the brain.  Adjustments also help to balance the muscles, ligaments, and joints; remove restrictions, relieve pressure and tension from the nervous system, spine, and surrounding soft tissues. When everything is balanced, the pelvis and sacrum are able to function properly.  Some other benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:

Minimize morning sickness

Easier and quicker recovery postpartum

Increase production of breast milk

Reduce headaches, relieve sciatica

Improve fetal position

Improved sleep

Reduce risk of c-sections & other birthing complications

Reduced risk of an episiotom