Cold & Flu Season is Here!

As cold and flu season is approaching, it is important to find ways to help prevent you and your family from getting sick. 


A few days ago, I started to feel a little run down and like a cold was coming on.  The first thing I did was find my Thieves essential oil from Young Living.  This stuff is a life saver!  It has been my go-to for the past couple years whenever I feel like my immune system needs a boost.  I just add 1-2 drops of Thieves to my water bottle, and drink at least 75 ounces (of water) per day.  I also made sure I took some Echinacea and goldenseal capsules.  The next thing I did was get adjusted!  Regular chiropractic adjustments help to boost the immune system, and help the body respond better to outside stress like foreign invaders.  Plus, if you are feeling a little congested, it can help to loosen some of that mucus, especially in the sinuses!


Some other helpful tips to preventing cold and flu:

Stay away from dairy products

Limit consumption of gluten and refined sugars

Alcohol consumption should be to a minimum; unless you are making hot toddy (adults only!) ;-)

Drink plenty of water

Wash your hands

Take you vitamins

Exercise regularly

Reduce stress by using mediation, yoga, or whatever you find works best for you

Get plenty of sleep

Last but not least, GET ADJUSTED!


If you have any questions about the best supplements or essential oils to get, or if you want to know if chiropractic is right for you, give the office a call (518)290-0772 or send me an email


Have a great weekend everyone!

Dr. Ashley