Now offering home visits!

Spa City Chiropractic is now offering home visits!  

This is perfect for new moms that aren't ready to leave home yet with their new babes, pregnant women than might be on bedrest, as well as busy moms, & families.  I've heard from moms before that sometimes it is hard to make appointments because of kid's schedules, or even just having to get all of the kids ready and into the car to get to the office.  Home visits help to make chiropractic care very convenient.  It's also great because you get to be in the comfort of your own home, and it's on your own schedule.  

So no more driving in traffic, rushing to make it to your appointment on time, or waiting in a waiting room.  Dr. Ashley wants to make your chiropractic experience stress free, and convenient so that health and wellness is easier to fit into your lifestyle.

For more information on pricing and details email the office at, or call the office at 518-290-0772.