What to Expect

Spa City Chiropractic is not your typical doctor or chiropractic office.  Dr. Ashley practices in an office building with many other professions.  She has one small & quaint room.  A typical office usually has front desk staff, but when you call the office number or email the office email, you are contacting and speaking directly to Dr. Ashley.  This allows for a very personal experience, and also allows for better and open communication between the doctor and patient.  Dr. Ashley also offers the option for patients to book their appointments online, so that they can take charge of their care.  This also makes it easier for patients with busy schedules, to be able to book appointments at their convenience.


Once an appointment has been made, either by phone, email, or online, a confirmation email will be sent with initial paperwork.  The paperwork can be filled out on the computer and emailed back, or printed and brought to the initial visit.


Upon the initial visit, Dr. Ashley will sit down with you and discuss the reason for seeking out chiropractic care, and take a detailed health history.  She will then perform a thorough examination, and from there it will be determined if chiropractic care is right for you.  If Dr. Ashley doesn’t think she can help, she is able to refer you to the right place or provider. 


Follow-up visits are a little quicker than initial visits.  Dr. Ashley will check in with you to see how things have been going, and then will get right to the treatment. 


Between visits, Dr. Ashley may give you exercises, or recommend adjunct care with acupuncturists, massage therapists, or other professions.  If at any time a patient has a question or concern, Dr. Ashley is easily reachable by phone or email.